Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Paguia's tape is no 'master tape'

A retired police intelligence officer, who claimed that wiretapping was his "bread and butter," said the so-called "mother of all tapes" played at the House of Representatives on Tuesday (July 5) was not a "master tape."

"It can never be a master tape because it contains annotations," the former spy said. He said a master tape is dedicated to one telephone line only and cannot contain annotations.

"What Congress heard was a spliced recording composed of voices from a lot of tapes," he said, adding that it was possibly altered.

"The tape was corrupted," the retired spy said.

The former police officer also said the wiretapping might have been done by a telephone company insider or somebody who was able to infiltrate the telephone company.

He said the quality and the volume of the audio in the recording show that it was recorded inside a telephone company or where one can have access to a telephone company's facilities.

"Somebody must be inside the telephone company to record the conversations because the volume of both parties are equal," the former spy said.

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