Friday, September 09, 2005

Trip to Arizona

It was a long trip from Tampa. Instead of coming straight to Arizona, we had a layover in Milwaukee.

Arizona is hot. I remember Jeddah.

I am staying in Scottsdale for a night before leaving for the Grand Canyon. I will visit the Cronkite School of Journalism before my weekend vacation.

I still have to discover Arizona. I want to see the Indians and the cowboys. I want to see the desert. I want to compare the pictures in my mind to the world outside.

Why can't all people travel and see the world? There would be more understanding and love and peace and less promiscuity and competition and war and what else. It wouldn't be the same world.


Anonymous said...

Bay, baka naman you meant "layover" not "overlay."

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you're right. I meant layover.