Saturday, September 03, 2005

Stranded in Nagoya

August 27, 2005
1:41 p.m. (Manila time)
Nagoya Airport, Japan

Sometimes good things come with a price. It was good that I got this airline perks. My flight has been delayed. I did not know that I would be stopping by Nagoya on my way to Detroit. The flight has been delayed. The plane encountered some problems. Airline mechanics said they’re waiting for the parts that would be flown from Narita.

I’m stuck in Nagoya for hours now. Thanks to WorldPerks, I’m staying in this executive lounge drinking Ginger Ale and eating what looks like “pusu” (it’s spelled “poso” in some areas of the Visayas and Mindanao but is pronounced “pu-su” with emphasis on the last syllable). This Japanese version is cooked gelatinous rice wrapped by that green-dried-seaweed-thing I see in Tokyo-Tokyo in Manila. I really don’t know what it’s called but this triangular thing is bigger than those I saw in Manila’s fastfoods. These ones look like “pusu.”

I lost a book when I deplaned earlier for the airline crew to clean the cabin. I left Pico Iyer’s “The Global Soul” with my boarding pass between its pages. Anyway, let me cut the suspense because my battery has been drained.

The airline attendant found the book.

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