Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dupont Circle

To John and Caloy, thanks guys for the reminders.

Actually I spent most of my time at Dupont Circle when I was in Washington. It's a few blocks away from my hotel.

I went to all the stores you mentioned and found Second Storey the most interesting with the big and tall man guiding me through the maze of bookshelves. I took a picture of the store but the man, who really looks like that big man on Addams Family, did not give me a discount.

Funny that John even remembered CVS. I bought my first bottle of water in America from that CVS branch.

I already visited Strand. Sorry, Loy, I wandered on the first floor and even climbed the shelves of French history books to get the "Memoirs" of Raymond Aron for John. I bought all the remaining copies "para sulit ang pagod."

I went downstairs too to the Journalism section cubicle, which is just before you enter the Crime section. Good that there were signs. I almost confused one section from the other.

And don't worry Loy, I'm not watching Aida. For the heck of it, I watched "Lion King" and sang "The Circle of Life" while walking on Broadway Avenue from Times Square all the way to 75th Street.

John, I had my Tom Yung Gong with Yasmin Busran-Lao at Raku, not at Sala Thai.


caloy said...

you know, of course, joe that if you wander long enough in dupont circle, you'd notice the other thing that makes it famous (or infamous, depends on who you ask): it's being a hub in DC of the, uh, alternative lifestyle.

caloy said...

that should be its, not it's. :-(

Yupki said...

oi torres, wala akong ginawa ngayong hapon kundi basahin ang telenovela ng biyahe mo papunta sa amerika. walang sinabi ang mga drama ng channel 2! nadagdagan ba ang baon mo?

kwento pa...