Saturday, September 17, 2005

All alone in San Francisco

I've walked the streets of San Francisco. I saw people asking for money. I saw tourists. It's a beautiful city with all its bumpy roads, said one resident. I talked to its people. I watched a movie about life in the farms of America like one Alan has.

I'm alone now in this journey. Alan already left for his farm. I miss him. I miss the historical "lectures" he gave about everything. I miss his guidance. This is becoming an adventure. One just connects with people. Alan has become a friend.

I'm a little afraid now. But this is the exciting part of the adventure. To be alone and discover what experiences offer. Alan was my security blanket. He is gone now. A new phase of my journey has begun.

I haven't seen the Golden Gate. I haven't seen the Fisherman's Wharf. Alan said I must see it. I will see it tomorrow before I leave for Chicago. I am a little bit disoriented. I will do my best.

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