Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Books and other blessings

September 9, 2005 (Friday)
9:54 p.m.
Grand Canyon

It’s cold here like Baguio, maybe Sagada but I haven’t been there. There are pine trees all over. I have not discovered the place yet because we arrived here past eight o’clock in the evening after a four-hour drive from Scottsdale.

The trip was amazing. The highway was endless. There was nothing but desert and the sky. The sunset was exhilarating. It was a sight that I dared not capture with the camera. It touched me. God really created wonders. I don’t want to even describe it with words not to diminish the spirit that touched my heart.

I am really fortunate to have gone this far. I asked myself if I deserve this gift.

Alan and I left the hotel around noon today. We went to the old town center of Scottsdale. There was nothing to see but stores and galleries. Alan said the city is the playground of the rich where they stay during winter to avoid the snow in other parts of the country, buy art works, enjoy the spas, go to the casino and splurge.

I entered one of the shops and bought some things to remember the place when I go home.

We drove to Arizona State University and had our lunch in one of the cafeterias.

After lunch we went to the Cronkite School of Journalism and met with Dean Christopher Callahan. He gave me a list of online resources on journalism and wished me good luck in my “quest for knowledge.”

I met with Prof. Kristin Gilger, director of student affairs and student media, and Prof. Stephen Doig, Knight chairman of Journalism of the university. Both were former journalists and were happy to share their ideas with me.

They gave me journalism books, which they use in teaching and which they said might help me in my work.

- Doing Ethics in Journalism (2nd Edition)
- Doing Ethics in Journalism (3rd Edition)
- A Free and Responsive Press
- The Effective Editor
- Writing Across the Media
- The Complete Reporter
- Writing for Print and Digital Media
- Modern Media Writing
- Online Journalism

I told them that it would cost me a fortune to buy the books. It’s worth a month’s salary of two junior reporters in the Philippines.

They said they’re happy to share it so that I can share my ideas with other journalists in the Philippines. I promised them I would.

I’m already excited to read the books.

I thanked God when it rained while we were on our way to the dean’s office. I just can’t believe the blessings I received. But God said, “It is okay, you moron. It’s a punishment for not taking seriously your studies. Now you catch up, stupid.”

I have a lot to do.

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