Friday, May 16, 2008

How media failed in covering terrorism (Some thoughts from a conference)

Misreporting of information is one reason why the situation hasn't improved in the fight against terror. Media is partly to blame. The basics of journalism were not observed. In most reports multiple sourcing were not used, words were used without any definition, jargons were all over stories.

These were some issues raised in one of the sessions in this week's intermedia dialogue in Bali. There were more issues/concerns raised. There were long discussions, lengthy meetings, debates, like in any other meeting.

So what's the next move? Where is the media in this age of globalization going? Will we continue to be relevant to our readers? Is there really a difference now between what we call the Western press and those working in countries like the Philippines?

You can imagine how difficult it is when more than a hundred journalists from almost a hundred countries come together in one room and talk?

The atmosphere is different in the evenings when they gather in the hotel bar to share a beer and talk about their exploits. Conferences like this is a kind of soul searching for us in the media.

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