Friday, May 02, 2008

Do delinquent bloggers go to hell?

There's always a reason.

There's no time. I'm too busy. I have a lot of things to do than blog. I don't even have time to read.

I have been a delinquent blogger, so punish me.

* * *

Ms Joan suggested the book, and I went hunting for it.

"Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?" is a fun read and brought my mind away from the troubles of May Day and the demands of work. (Aside of course from the problem of money that seems to preoccupy our every waking hour.)

Thomas Kohnstamm is a travel writer who, at one time in his life, studied Latin American Studies in Stanford. He has since wrote for various publications, including Lonely Planet.

"Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?" is not a tell-all book about how stupid people are to read travel books (especially the Lonely Planet). It's a book that tells us how some travel writers feed us bullshit and how most of us swallow everything - hook, line and sinker... and the whole shit.

By the way, got to go. I have to look for some travel guide for my trip to Bali.


Karen said...

yup, they sure do. especially delinquent bloggers who while away their time drinking coffee and eating bread buns...hehehehe...=)

amnerak said...

Bali~ pasalubong! and get a tan, too, you're way too white, esp on TV. hehehe...=)