Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pa-cute moment

Photo by Trina


TEDO said...

ay, pa-cute baya. dong, nadawat na nimo akong gipadala kay clara?

Anonymous said...

are you the joe torres that was on nickelodeons Hey Dude from 1989 to 1991? I need to know, it's important. My email is jessvollmer@gmail.com Thank you

Joe Torres said...

Hi Ted, yes, of course. I did receive the book. Daghang salamat, sa usab ha! hehehe. Daghang salamat kaayo Tedo, miss you!

By the way, can't remember appearing on nickelodeons, sorry.


Karen said...

i think , i think you did appear on nickelodeon! wahahahahaa.... ka-funny kaha!!! bleh! =p