Monday, April 27, 2009

Learning from poker

Poker is not a game of chance. Losing a hand is not a matter of not having the right cards. This is what I learned after wasting hours trying to raise hundreds of dollars of play money online.

Politicians running in the 2010 race can learn a lot from the game. Philippine politics is no numbers game. Neither is it solely a money game. Strategy is a must. Aside from having the right cards, bluffing, calling at the right time and raising the ante need mathematical precision.

Unlike chess, where nothing is hidden, poker is a game of “imperfect information.” So is politics. There’s so much information concealed from other players. Winning does not depend on luck alone.

Manny Villar may have the money, Chiz Escudero the numbers and Mar Roxas the cards, but the game will depend on how they will play.

Poker-playing strategists are now in the employ of politicians, especially those running for high office. I have seen some of them joining tables online and betting thousands of dollar of play money. Some are careless, others are trying to learn the ropes, many have flawless but predictable strategies.

It would be exciting how they would play for real in 2010 (at kung sino ang uuwing luhaan o kung kaninong bulsa - o mukha - ang kakapal).

Meanwhile, let me go back to the games.



congratulations for a plan realized.
poker game and poker-face.
pag-bayuhin ang tapang at responsibilidad sa FrontLine!.

faye_myboo said...

haha! oo nga should invit ethem to play poker games online kuya joe!

casino said...

People must know that playing casino games could be ruin family relationship, that's why if playing such games is your interest then you must e responsible enough to handle your finances.

Anonymous said...

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