Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So much to do/read, so little time

I hardly have time read these days.

I work (meetings, edit, plan, conceptualize, schedule, paperwork, lobby, etc) in the office for 12 hours daily.

I meet with organizations (KCI, NUJP, etc) for plans, activities, paperwork.

Then the various interviews on the phone, in radio and television studios, coffee shops, etc.

There are consultations with friends, consultations for possible projects, etc.

I don't even have much time to write anymore. What's a writer when one's not writing?

There's so much to do. I love doing it. But there's so little time.

Books/reading materials on my table waiting for my attention.

- The latest issue of Newsweek magazine with a Special Report on AIDS
- User's Guide of Nokia N70
- A Survival Guide for Journalists by the International Federation of Journalists
- Abandon by Pico Iyer (I'm half through it after a very dear friend gave it as a gift a few months ago)
- Philippine Human Development Report of 2005 (I've read parts of it, especially those on Mindanao)

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