Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How I wish I could keep the doctor away

I went to the doctor yesterday. I had cough and colds.

I went to a clinic inside a mall. These days anything one needs or wants are available in malls. One can find food, flowers, clothes, sex, men, women and those in between in any mall in Manila.

Maybe not everything. I haven’t seen a funeral parlor inside a mall although I saw people selling lots in memorial parks.

I’m digressing from my story.

The doctor asked me if I smoke. I said yes. Do I have plans to stop, he asked. I said, since I started smoking I already planned to stop. That was around 25 years ago.

He said: “Good. Now that you are here inside the mall, you can go to the men’s section. They have good barong tagalongs with great designs. At least you can still choose what to wear during your funeral.”

That was really inspiring!

He later prescribed an antibiotic for my cough.

“I’m not giving you the most expensive antibiotic because it’s the same with the cheapest. They’re all the same,” the doctor said.

“Prescribe me the cheapest then,” I said.

“Nope,” he said. “If I do that, the pharmacist would think that I’m a ‘cheap’ doctor and you are dirt poor. Let’s not pretend to be rich nor should we pretend to be poor.”

I don’t know if it’s right or wrong to argue with one’s doctor.

I tried to coax him into talking. He said he’s only getting P240 from my health insurance company for having me as patient.

“That’s why a lot of doctors are studying to be nurses,” he said.

“You better get an x-ray. Let’s see if you still have lungs,” he said.

Fortunately I still have a pair.

“You better take care of those,” he said. “You’ll be together for at least 30 more years,” the doctor said.

Another inspiring quote from the guy! Whew! Great man, though.

(Why is it that my PLDT WeRoam performs badly even in the middle of the night?)


Anonymous said...


Answer: That's because it's PLDT! http://www.chinwong.com/index.php/site/article/steer_clear_of_pldts_mydsl/

Anonymous said...

why don't you just quit smoking? It won't do you any good.

joe said...

thanks guys. hope pldt will shape up and of course another hope is for me to finally quit smoking. yes, it doesn't really do me any good. smoking sucks! whew! that's not so hard. hehehe

terence m. grana said...


believe you me, bay, when i stopped smoking decades ago, a lot of changes and pains occurred in my life.

changes - my nanay stopped scolding and preaching me on the effects of smoking; i did not smell "intsek bijo" anymore but smelt like bagong paligo always; my girl-officemates already stopped complaining about smoke getting into their eyes; my girlfriend (now, my wife) loved me more than ever and even prouder about me.

pains - dizziness in the first few months; spitting of very thick and dark sputum in wee hours that took about two months; chronic headeache here and there; was not able to see our favorite mamang 'garilyo; and many more.

so, i would be honored to welcome you to our club.

'bay terence

Anonymous said...

smoking sucks ka diyan!... pag nagkita tayo and you still smoke, I will kick you where it hurts most.

andrea's corner said...

hi joe!

isang lang ang ibig sabihin nyan. hindi ka na bata. hehehe