Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

What to do when everybody seems to be out of town. The stores are closed. The streets are deserted. It's difficult to even get a ride.

I went to church. The University of the Philippines chapel. I arrived when the priest was about to let the people kiss the cross. Then the ministers decided that the kissing (Veneration) of the cross should be done in an orderly manner. With the hundreds of people inside the church and with only one cross to kiss the waiting would be a nightmare. I decided I had to look for my own cross.

Next is the Kamuning Church. People were already outside the church when I arrived. They were waiting for the religious procession to start. I went inside the church and had the cross all to myself.

I remember when I was in Basilan. It was Holy Week and I had to sleep in a room where the Blessed Sacrament was installed from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. It was the most blessed week of my life.

All shops are closed. Next thing to worry is dinner. Where to eat dinner in Metro Manila on a Good Friday evening?


lambuyo said...


tapos ang viernes santo ug easter sunday na 'ron.

happy easter, bay.

kung nagkatinawagay 'ta adtong gabhiuna, paanhion unta teka sa balay diri sa capitol estates kay duna koy kinilaw nga panit nianang hapona.

magka-estoryahanay unta ta.

anyway, i made a comment on one of your posts in first draft but unfortunately, you did not reply.

you might be very busy these days.

better luck next time na lang ko.

bitaw, gimingaw na baya 'mi nimo.

one of these days, magkita ra man seguro gihapon 'ta, no?

thanks and God bless.

terence m. grana

Anonymous said...

thanks bay, kita ra gihapon ta kun malooy ang ginoo. happy easter and may god bless us always. - joe