Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I've been reading these days three books, and all of these are about conflict.

First on the list is Paul McGeough's "In Baghdad," his journal of his coverage of the invasion of Iraq.

McGeough, an Australian journalist, wrote about the death of innocent people, the spins made by the regime of Saddam Hussein and the propaganda war waged by the American government.

Part of the book's back cover reads: "His personal diaries are a unique insight into life for reporters behind enemy lines - from the stress of colleagues dying around them to daily battles with a regime that saw them virtually become human shields and always potential hostages."

Then there's Kevin Sites' "In the Hot Zone" that reads like an adventure novel on how one journalist travels from one conflict area to another.

A friend gave me Ishmael Beah's "A long way gone," a true story of a child soldier from Sierra Leone.

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