Friday, August 08, 2008

On second thought

I changed my mind. I think I'm not getting that Acer Aspire One. I might go for the full notebook instead of a sub-notebook.

* * *

The Beijing Olympics opened this evening. I've waited for some time for the Philippine delegation during the parade of participating countries. Unfortunately, when the Philippines' time to show up came, it only merited about three seconds on TV.

* * *

Another journalist has been killed. I had several interviews and most of the questions asked by colleagues is: What can we do to stop the attacks?

What should we do? If only I know.

What I know is that government must do something more to look for the perpetrators of crimes - all crimes, not only those committed against media practitioners.

Second, we should always be careful.

Third. I really don't know. How can one fight evil?

* * *

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