Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Eee PC

I'm writing this from my new Asus Eee PC to familiarize myself with its miniature keyboard.

I bought this gadget because I found it cheap in Malaysia. I got it for only about P8,000 in an IT mall in Singapore while it's being sold here in Manila from P16,000 to P19,000.

This very basic computer is ideal for journalists, as if it's really designed for our needs. It's small that it can be inserted between the pages of a Time or Newsweek magazine. It can connect to the Internet as long as there's a Wifi signal or a LAN connection.

The downside is it's too small that one has to get the hang of it to be able to type faster. Of course it's better than using one's cell fone to file stories.

This is a test entry.

1 comment:

kitoy said...

delikado na malimtan mo ba sa kagamay heheh o mabunal nimo ang magazine sa ipis heheh

mahal man dire sa davao, ,mga 19k pud :-)