Monday, June 12, 2006

The taste of beer

Beer tastes sweet when you share it with friends. Dinner with Dennis and Fidel is always a learning experience. Today I learned that there are two types of "gambas," my favorite dish. There's the "usual" sizzling gambas and there's a Spanish gambas pala that swims in olive oil.

Of course, there's always the stories. Fidel shared that most cooking oil used by fastfoods are not good for one's health. Dennis shared the usual "tsismis."

I have enough dose of "tsismis" tonight that, if taken at face value, I would have enough to have a blood clot with or without Fidel's cooking oil.

Being with friends, especially those who one can trust, makes beer taste sweet. Sharing a bottle of beer, however, with people who pretend to be friends and are there with you because they need something in exchange leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Friendship, like any relationship, should always be grounded on trust. Unfortunately it's as rare as a flower in the desert. A toast to friends like Fidel and Dennis. Inuman na!

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